Starkid Homecoming

Holy cow! Last week I traveled to Los Angeles for the incredible Starkid Homecoming (aka 10iversary)! It was a super last minute decision, but two months ago my best friend asked if I’d be able to get myself to California for the show. My answer was no, but I’ll figure it out.

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Nerds Gotta Eat: Mean Girl Bars

Another delicious, gluten free, recipe from Lauren Lopez’s These Treats Don’t Suck! I made these for Fangirl’s Night Out and work a little while back, and they went over wonderfully! I highly recommend them, but be wary of allergies.


To make some Mean Girl Bars, you’ll need:
3/4c roughly chopped nuts (I used walnuts this time)
1/2c creamy peanut butter
1/2c honey
1c gluten free rolled oats
1/3c shredded coconut (I used almonds instead)
1/2tsp cinnamon
1/2tsp salt
1/2c chocolate chips (the recipe doesn’t call for it, but chocolate is great)


Line an 8×8 pan with tin foil, and spray with cooking spray. Toast your rolled oats and coconut/almonds by putting them in a big pan on low heat and stirring them. Be careful, while doing this, because it’s really easy to have the heat just slightly too high, and burn your stuff. So keep it low, in a big pan, and watch it like a hawk! Mix up your other ingredients, then add your toasted stuff.


Press them into your pan, making sure they’re all spread evenly, and put them in the fridge for a couple hours to chill. When I took mine out of the fridge (4 hours later), they were still kind of soft. So I cut them up into individual bars, wrapped them individually in wax paper, and put them in my container. This way, everyone could get their own without getting all goopy on each other’s stuff, making cleanup easier!


I loved these bars. They’re a good texture, quick and easy to make, and absolutely delicious. But since they’re loaded with nuts, they can be a bit dangerous at parties. Make sure that they’re labelled when you bring them places, so people know. Keep everyone safe!











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Nerds Gotta Eat: Sassy Pumpkin Muffins

Happy Thanksgiving, Fangirls! Today I’d like to give thanks for my amazing family, phenomenal friends, and rad as heck boyfriend. A little while back, I had the pleasure of meeting said boyfriend’s parents, and I got super freaked out because first impressions are so important, and I can never visit someone empty handed. My go-to for first visit gifts tends to be food, but his mother is gluten free, and he is allergic to everything under the sun! I originally tried making gluten free Pizzelles, but that was a disaster and a half, so I went to Lauren Lopez’s These Treats Don’t Suck. In it, Ms Lopez writes about how she has a princess tummy that doesn’t like gluten or dairy, so I figured it may be a good place to start. I was incredibly right. Lopez had a ton of recipes in there, but most had chocolate or nuts (allergy king would not be able to eat those). Luckily, there is a recipe for Sassy Pumpkin Muffins that was free of nuts, chocolate, and gluten (heck, there’s no dairy either)!


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Starkid Takes Manhattan

Hey Fangirls!  Last week was the fifth anniversary of Team Starkid’s A Very Potter Musical.  To me, that’s ridiculous.  Team Starkid is my second longest running fandom (after Harry Potter), so when they announced a concert to be performed the weekend after their anniversary, I lost my mind.  Of course we’d have to go; it was a necessity. So we prepare, and went!


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