Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

I feel a bit like an outcast because I have only just used the Luxury Lush Pud so recently. This bath bomb is a lush staple, and I brought 1 home from the Creative Showcase, and never used it. But I finally got around to it, and knew I would enjoy it because I already loved the scent.

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Dream Silk Comfort Cream

Fangirls, I’m a pretty sleepy lady. I don’t ever feel like I’m getting enough sleep, and a big part of that is that I have a lot of trouble actually falling asleep (and staying asleep). I know that there are reasons behind that; my mattress is old and lumpy, I don’t exercise enough, and I have depression, so no sleep ever feels like enough. Due to all of that, I’m always looking for nonmedicinal sleep aids that can help me. My mum knows this, so awhile back she bought me the Dream Silk Comfort Cream.


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Nerds Gotta Drink: Wonder Woman Lemonade

Fangirls, we all want to feel like Wonder Woman, right?  Powerful, confident, and dangerous (not to mention beautiful) are all appealing attributes that she embodies daily.  But often, those of us who are not from Themyscara deal with things like anxiety and stress.  Wonder Woman isn’t immune to those things, but she sure seems to do a great job not showing her stress or anxiety, if ever she gets it.  Like Wonder Woman, I want to be stressed and anxious less.  My mother is well aware of this, and has found me a tasty recipe for lemonade that’ll make me feel like I can conquer any task, much like Wonder Woman.


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