Elektra #7


When we left off last month, Fangirls, Elektra was on the brink of a big fight with an old friend. This issue brings us a continuation of that and more, including a different style of art. All the names on the cover are the same, so I’m not exactly sure why the illustration has changed so much this issue. Either way, this issue resolves somethings, while a lot of others are just beginning.

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She-Hulk #7


Fangirls! I’ve been loving this series, as I’ve certainly shown in this articles. However, the last two issues have felt weird. The writing has seemed very bland and forced. Thankfully, the regular artist has returned, though that also could be a lot better too. Where is the She Hulk series I fell for? I feel that something has changed. Including the story. Issue #7 seems to have abandon the story the series was telling before, and started a new one. What’s going on here, Fangirls?

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Elektra #5


This comic is just so delicious, Fangirls. The illustration, the writing & character development, and the lovely dynamics of the two. I could read these all damn day. Unfortunately, the only issue I have with this comic is that theirs only five issues thus far. Each one, though, is more enjoyable & intense as the last. I’m like a little giddy child when I pick up this comic, but, it’s story it’s so much for the innocent minded. This comic is intense, gorey, and twisted. And I love every panel of it.

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Elektra #4

Well, Fangirls, issue #3 of Elektra left us with quite an ending. Bloody Lips and Elektra were fighting under water, and ended up in some dark world where they had to confront their past. I was convinced they were both already dead, and had moved on to another world. I was ready for this series to take an interesting turn into the after life. But this next issue definitely proved my predictions wrong.

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