Movies: Extended Editions

Fangirls, I love watching deleted scenes in movies. I love watching what apparently wasn’t good enough for the final cut and trying to figure out why they weren’t good enough. Sometimes deleted scenes are lengthy and can add quite a bit. Sometimes they take barely thirty seconds, but in that thirty seconds there’s a look or a single line that can add a lot to a character. It’s fascinating to me watch these and think, “Why was this cut? Surely this small little scene could have been left in.”

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Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord DLC

Celebrimbor The Bright LordI recently got the urge to pop Shadow of Mordor back into my PS4 and slay some Uruks when I noticed that there was a new(to me) DLC available to download for $10 called “The Bright Lord”. I loved the original game and finally had some cash to spare so, I went ahead and got it. I finished it in one sitting…Read More »