Jim and the Povolos at Stage 773

Hey music loving Fangirls!  Just like I’ve been talking about all week, we went to Chicago to see the Starkids perform at 123Ever.  We were really lucky in that there was also a midnight Jim and the Povolos show the night before, so we got to go to that.

photo (47)

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Fangirls United at the Jim and the Povolos Dance Party

So NatalieCaileen and I worked our tushies off this past week to turn the Jim and the Povolos concert into an opportunity to meet some awesome Fangirls on the streets of New York.  We made a bunch of t-shirts, goodie bags for the band, and so many business cards.  I was so worried that we would be laughed at, but the Starkid Fandom welcomed us with open arms.

Natalie went around and grabbed people to come talk to us about if they considered themselves Fangirls, and other funky things.  This is what we got!

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