Star Wars: The Force Inside from Put Me in the Story

You know, Fangirls, there’s nothing like interacting with a book that was literally made for you to help you feel indulgent! Just in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Put Me in the Story released another phenomenal dedicatable book; Star Wars: The Force Inside. In it, the reader must answer questions from both sides of the force to determine which side they shall follow.


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Fortress Friday #13

So I’ve got more pictures from Jenn’s house.

IMG_2334I think the biggest thing that surprises me is that she is such a huge Fangirl in so many areas.  She has a ton of toys, from all different things.

IMG_2335These ladies are from Monster High, a ghoul school movie and toy set that is really popular since before Christmas this past year.  Jenn has almost all of them, from multiple different series’.

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