Dirty Soap Sample from Lush

Fangirls, I love Lush products. I think about them all of the time, and when I’ve got the money, I order stuff. They fight animal cruelty, treat their workers well, but one of my favorite things about the company is that they give you little sample gifts in the packages when you order from them. I’ve gotten some samples of soap each time, and most recently I got a sample of the Dirty scented soap.


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Lush Butterball Bath Bomb

Lushies and Fangirls alike, I think I have begun a new addiction. I’ve honestly never really been one for baths, and am still not. But I am big on Lush bath bombs. Awhile back I treated myself to a box of some sweet body treats from Lush Cosmetics, and I have found it easy to speed right through them!


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