Let’s Talk About Semen: Benefits, Uses, & Myths

In my daily life as a person pretty obsessed with sex research, I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about semen. Which I recently realized is a damn shame. That stuff is a lot more complex and interesting than one would think. What’s even more interesting, though, is all the hubbub surrounding semen. It has it’s more obvious uses, but then there is this whole host of uses & benefits that claim to be the real deal.
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Sexpert Spotlight: Hannah Witton

Fangirls! I welcome you to a thing I hope to do every so often with our sexy chats on Fridays. More often than not, I mention people in my article who have had lovely things to say and contribute to the world of sex education. Sometimes they’re scientists or sexologists, other times they’re just people who are passionate and have something to say or teach. Hannah Witton is one of the latter. She has a YouTube channel that though not entirely focused on sex, talks about it a great deal and sheds some great light on it. I consider her a Sexpert in her own respects, and delight in her videos and intelligent input.

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Let’s Talk About: Sex & Disability

Fangirls! For a long time, I’ve wanted to chat on this topic. It’s one that needs a whole lot more attention in our world. The sexuality of people living with disabilities is damn near ignored in our society, and that’s just not cool. Sexuality when disability is in the mix is surely different, but it’s really just another way that sexuality is specific to each person, just as injury & illness are going to be specific to each person. Sex is a highly beneficial thing that people with disabilities don’t need to view as another obstacle in their lives.

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Let’s Talk About: Sex & The Senses

Fangirls! Humans are incredibly sexually complex, just like the brain. It’s said, and proven, that the brain is really one of the most important organs in sexual arousal. For get your junk for a minute, our brains control & respond to everything happening to our bodies, so it only makes sense. Our brains trigger & react to everything we see, touch, hear, so the relationship of the brain & senses to our sexuality is extremely direct. On the surface of things, it’s clear that touch would be the most prevalent in sexuality, but when you take a closer look at things, its clear that all five play a tremendous role in our arousal.

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Appdicted: Tinder

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Greetings, Fangirls! So now that Emily discussed Badoo a few weeks ago, I thought that we’d also have to shed some light on the world of Tinder. Tinder is an ever popular dating app that these days almost everyone I know is on. I use it myself, and though I have actually had some success & met some cool people, I do have some bones to pick with this one.

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Let’s Talk About: Hook Ups & Casual Sex

Greetings, Fangirls! I’ve wanted to talk about this topic for a while, because it’s certainly something that needs to be talked about. As a 20 year old, talk of casual sex seems to be all around me. Especially with things like Tinder booming in popularity. I love that people are exploring new things & people, and not being afraid to have a lot of sex. But, I do worry that people aren’t going about things in a completely safe & sex positive way.

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