Static Nails

Fangirls, I have had my eye on Static Nails for almost a year now; lusting over them and thinking, I’ll never have a time to wear them, so I never bought them. That is, I didn’t buy them until I got a vacation to NY for a week when I knew I wouldn’t be needing to be doing any serious work (my job was packing boxes, now it’s putting papers in envelopes; neither is a great place for long nails). So I grabbed a set and put them on while I was in New York.


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Espionage Cosmetics: Laura + Luci Nail Wraps

Fangirls, I love comics. I love reading about them, wearing them, supporting them,seeing them in movie form; any way I can take them in, I like to. Since I have a full time job with a strict dress code and don’t do much on my time off, ripping nerd clothes doesn’t happen as much as I’d like. But recently I found out about Espionage Cosmetics, a cosmetic company focused on all things nerdy. One of their specialties is nail wraps, so I became incredibly excited when I found their Laura + Luci and Baal + Inanna nail wrap sets. I started off by ordering just the Laura + Luci set, because they’re my girls, and it had been awhile since I read the comics, so they stood out to me more (plus the pink/purple/blue suits my wardrobe more).


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NAC Nail Wraps

Fangirls, not only do I refuse to stop purchasing nail products, I honestly don’t think I can stop. I have a drawer full of nail polish (many duplicates), and I continue to buy more. And now that I know about, and kind of understand nail wraps, I keep buying those too. I had my boy (who has Amazon Prime, praise) order me some cute space themed nail wraps from NAC (Nail Art Club Inc), by way of Amazon. I love shopping with Amazon Prime because I get my stuff the next day, which is wonderful since I’m the least patient person on the planet. So I got my cute space nail wraps, and squealed a bunch over how cute they were. Then I got down to business, and applied the little dudes.


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Music Review: Artpop by Lady Gaga


So, Fangirls. I’ve been waiting to review this album, because I honestly can’t really figure out my feelings. My taste in music is pretty electric, and I can’t, nor see a reason to deny the fact that I love Lady Gaga. Like, a lot. But I must say, her newest album Artpop didn’t completely wow me. I have very mixed feelings. So mixed, that I’ve decided to do a track by track review of the album and really open up a conversation about this thing. 

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