ConnectiCon 2014

In case you couldn’t tell from the amount we’ve been tweeting, writing, and instagraming about it, ConnectiCon was this past weekend. ¬†This year we all split up more, and ended up condensing our articles, so we don’t ruminate for two weeks again (twitter is another story). So now it’s my turn.


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ConnectiCon 2014: The Kyle Experience

IMG_1081Hello everyone! As I sit here typing to you, I am finally settling back into normalcy after the weekend I look forward to all year; ConnectiCon!! I saw some really stellar cosplays this year, as well as improved my own. I met a lot of cool people, some of whom were famous. We hung out with Joseph and Tim ¬†from Marble Hornets and had a lot of good laughs, and even shared in an inside joke, which was pretty cool.Read More »