Nerds Gotta Eat: Meal Planning

Today is the day, Fangirls. I’m currently on a train to New York Penn Station, where I will transfer to a train to Baltimore Penn Station, and become a permanent resident of the State of Maryland. I don’t like eating crabs (since I’m vegetarian), but I’m excited to taste what other fantastic foods the state has to offer. One of the things I have been looking forward to for months is meal planning.

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Being Back

I know that DIY or a comic should be here, but I feel like it’s more important for me tow just free write a bit of what has been going on in my mind through the entirety of my break. I’ve been off twitter and instagram, for the most part, because while I have been suffering from more frequent depressive episodes, the past couple of weeks have been something worse than I’ve dealt with in a very long time.

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Moving Roadtrip

Tomorrow we move my dresser, filled with clothing and housewares, from New York to Maryland. I’m terrified. I know it’s goofy to be scared of moving a dresser, but it’s a big step. I feel like it makes it even more real than just signing the lease.

I think it’s more real because my clothes are gone. Obviously not all of my clothes, but a good amount of my winter and fall clothing is packed up in a space bag, in one of the dresser drawers. It’s a weird concept, that so much of my life is going down to Maryland a month before I do. There are tons of empty frames on my walls, and I’m living out of a large tote. But I think this will be better than having so few clothes in August that I can barely function. I’ll (of course) be bringing things down with me then, but a lot of this stuff wouldn’t be able to fit in my carry on, or would run a higher risk of being ruined (art).

It’s also difficult because we’re working with such limited space. The boy had to move and condense a lot of his stuff so I would be able to bring in my dresser, and though I feel bad, I appreciate it more than anything. If I had to buy a new, interim dresser, that would be another $30 spent on something I already had. I’ve cut down on spending a lot lately, and it’s difficult, but worth it for not living here anymore.

I’m scared. I’m scared that I’ll not make it, that I’ll regain weight I’ve lost, that I won’t be able to write much while I’m there, and that I’ll lose contact with my friends and family at home. It’s a huge step, and one of the things a friend told me was that, “[I’ll] never feel ready. [I’ve] just got to go out and do it.” It’s terrifying that it’s common knowledge that you won’t feel ready for a big move. But I can’t let that fear hold me back.












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Nerds Gotta Eat: Golden West Cafe

Fangirls, I love Maryland. It’s my favorite place to visit for a multitude of reasons; my boy is there, my friends, great comic shops, and most of all, great food. My absolute favorite place to go while in Maryland is a restaurant called Golden West Cafe. Nestled in the far from sleepy Hampden, Golden West is the king of hipster hangouts. It’s a wonderfully warm restaurant, with all sorts of foods for every diet.


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Vs. by Joe Infurnari and Alexis Stottile

photo 4 (5)

“The Reason New York City Never Sleeps? It’s Next Door Neighbors Are Monsters and Creeps!” That’s the full title of this book, Fangirls, and I had the pleasure of picking it up a few months ago at Small Press Expo from none other than Joe Infurnari himself. Being a huge fan of his series Bunker, I was a bit starstruck seeing him tabling there. However, I calmed a great deal after a delightful chat with him and a talk about this book. After hearing bits of its stories, I had to get it and read through the whole thing. Fantastic rhymes mixed with Infurnari’s brilliant illustration mixed with ridiculous stories about New York? I think my dreams just came true.

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Black Narcissa by S. Dottie Schuda

Oh, Fangirls, I bought so many things at SPX earlier this month. I don’t think I saw one thing that didn’t catch my eye. The result, was a whole lot of great independent comics and art. Including a little book called Black Narcissa, by a lovely woman named S. Dottie Schuda. After chatting with her and learning about the book, I happily bought it. Boy, does this little book pack a punch. Not because it’s especially deep or intense, but because it’s just so damn badass.
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