A-Force #8-10

I am so so behind on my comic reading. I took a night a while back to start to catch up, and I discovered something: A-Force has ended. Yes, the last three issues we’ll be discussing here are the final three issues for my favorite team. And they take place during the current Civil War run.


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A-Force #1

Finally, Fangirls, FINALLY we get to return to one of my favorite series’ of the fall, A-Force. This was a series about some of Marvel’s greatest female heroes (and villains) becoming one team. The team included Carol Danvers, She-Hulk, Medusa, and so many others. I was so happy this series was coming back after the Secret Wars ended, and I cannot wait to see how the A-Force will come together again.

a-force 13

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Ms. Marvel #9

Ms._Marvel_Vol_3_9This comic is getting goood, Fangirls. Not that it was ever, ever bad. Ms. Marvel has been one of my favorite series to read over the last year, and it really does only get better & better. Last issue was a doozy, and this one was just as intense & brilliant. Issue 8 left us hanging a bit at the end, and issue 9 gives us those solutions, plus a whole lot more. Also to my delight, a whole lot more Lockjaw, too.

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Ms. Marvel #7

4040903-07It is safe to say that this is my absolute favorite comic out there right now, Fangirls. Hands down. Anyone who isn’t reading this right now is seriously, seriously missing out. It’s hilarious and inspiring, and the development of Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is just so well done. She’s such a brilliantly real character. I’ve found myself rereading this series just about every month, before a new issue comes out. But I was so darn excited to see what happens with her & Wolverine, I went right in for the issue #7 goods.

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