Appdicted: Moodtrack

Fangirls I’ve been suffering from a very severe depressive episode as of late. For me (and many others) that means an extreme loss of interest, increased negative thoughts, and just an influx of sad. It’s difficult for me and my significant other to deal with; there’s a lot happening in my brain, and most of it is bad. In minor attempts to combat the feelings and thoughts, I’ve been doing research at work; we have access to workshops, and some of them are specifically for mental disorders.

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Movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Now, Fangirls, I read this book when I was a freshman in high school. I loved it, I read it very quickly. I was nervous about watching this movie and about writing this article because I don’t have the best memory, Fangirls. This will not be an in depth & detailed comparison of the book & movie. I simply finally got around to watching a movie adapted from a great book, and it wasn’t half bad.

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