Feminerd: Where is Black Widow’s Representation?

A couple weeks back, the Mary Sue released an article about Black Widow’s lack of representation on Age of Ultron merchandise.  I’ve always been upset by the lack of female characters holding their own when it comes to merchandise and clothing especially, but I was really bummed when I found that Disney wasn’t putting Widow on merchandise, even though they’ve been working with Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe for years.


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Disney College Program Part 24

Star Wars Weekends

Star Wars Weekends are a part of a month long celebration in Walt Disney World.  Sadly, I only got to experience one day of them this year, but I got to celebrate all month long last year.  Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for four weeks, special characters and celebrities come to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

134 This is Roxy.  She’s a life-size Rancor that travels to different conventions all over the states.  It was really cool to see her at Star Wars Weekends this year.  She crouches at a full 17 feet tall!  It was really cool to take a picture with her.

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