Scarlet Witch #2

Fangirls, from the first couple of pages I was in love with this issue! Why? Because it focuses on Greek mythology. This issue features such characters as the Minotaur and the goddess Hekate. Ah, I love mythologies.

Scarlet Witch 4

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Nerds Gotta Eat: Jeff Blim Brownies

Alright Fangirls, its story time.  When Natalie and I went to the Jim and The Povolos minotaur NYC show, we brought cookies for everyone.  But we made one big one for Jim Povolo because in my mind, he is the most majestic and perfect of all human beings.  But as we were waiting to meet him, with our little brown bag of tasty cookie, Jeff Blim asked us if it was brownies.  He then said that if it is brownies, he is going to steal it from Jim Povolo and eat it himself.  So in the spirit of Fangirling and Starkids, we made him some brownies!

photo (2)

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Jim and the Povolos!

Tomorrow, NatalieCaileen and I are going to see Jim and the Povolos in the Grammercy theatre in New York City.


We’re really excited, but we’ve been doing a lot of preparation this past week.  We made shirts, art, cookies, and even goody bags for the band.  We’re really excited but a little overwhelmed.

Our goal is to interview Fangirls like you and give them a shirt as thanks.  We want to know what your Fangirl experience is.  So if you’re going to the end of the minotaur tomorrow, tweet at us (@DoTheFangirl) or come find us!


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