Nerd’s Gotta Drink: Penzeys Spices Mint Hot Cocoa

I think, by now, we all know that Mint Hot Chocolate is the only way to go, with me. I love mint and chocolate (York Peppermint Patties, New Year’s Cocoa, Minty Zaki’s Mudslide, everything). It’s the best way to do chocolate; put mint in it! So when I was in a mall with a spice shop (that I knew my mother would love), I dragged her in and left with some absolutely enchanting Mint Hot Chocolate mix.


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Fangirl Wishlist

Oh, Fangirls. I have missed you so dearly. Over the last few months, I have been far, far away from Fangirls Are We, studying beverage in the wild land of college. Needless to say, spending my days in lectures on wine & spirits, writing essays about bitters, and touring breweries have deeply impacted the things my Fangirl Heart is craving this holiday season. Fellow cocktail nerds, rejoice!Read More »

Music: Smooch Tunes Playlist

When I was early in my high school career, Fangirls, my best friend & I had a vision. As total music nerds, we often dreamed of ultimate playlists for every situation, and still do. We would go on road trips and make calculated playlists that would play down to the minutes of the drive. So, it was only right that we had been thinking up a playlist designed for some hot heavy petting make out sessions. There in our 15 year old brains, Smooch Tunes was born.

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