Holler and Glow Purrfect Pedi

I bought this foot mask on a whim, because why the heck not. I’m not someone who likes my feet touched, but I really love the feeling of fresh pedicure. So I figured I’d try out a mask that’s supposed to do something similar!

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Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask

Fangirls, I am a big fan of African Black Soap. If you haven’t tried just the soap, I highly suggest it; it’s wonderful for these wintery months because it adds a lot of moisture without making your skin greasy. My love of the bar soap must have been what prompted me to grab this mud mask when I did, even though I genuinely don’t remember buying it. I’m glad that I did, though, because I’ve been using this mask pretty much on the regular, and I’ve really been enjoying it.


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