Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I went into this movie with very specific expectations. I wanted a movie about magical animals, and Newt Scamander finding them in New York City. That isn’t quite what I got, but I still really enjoyed myself.


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Movie: Super 8

super-8-movie-poster-01I’m a bit behind the times with this movie, Fangirls. It came out a few years ago, I’m not sure how I had never heard about it until just yesterday. I saw it in a $5 movie bin, and my girlfriend told me about how good it was. I figured why not, and picked it up. Later that night, I was taken on an intense & hilarious sci-fi adventure that I loved every minute of.

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Movie: Godzilla


Greetings, Fangirls! This past weekend, Emily & I went to see Godzilla. I didn’t really have any expectations set for the movie, and I didn’t have anything to compare it to. I went in with my mind a total blank slate, just looking to watch a movie. And it didn’t go that much farther.

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