Playlist: Pride Supreme

2000px-Gay_flag.svgWith Pride Month in full swing and the Supreme Court set to rule on nationwide marriage equality any day now, it’s time for a proud playlist, Fangirls. Pride month is always full of celebration and fun, but with a decision this big about to happen, the festivities are bumping. And with that, you need a perfect playlist. Read More »


Nerds Gotta Eat: November’s Banana Pudding

Fangirls! November is national banana pudding month. So of course, it was only natural to try my hand at the dessert. Banana pudding is misleading in the tastiest of ways. It’s made up of delicious layers of vanilla pudding, sweet whipped cream, bananas, and vanilla wafers. It’s a delightful party of textures & flavors in your mouth, that absolutely deserves it’s one month.

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