Black Canary Issue 9

This issue of Black Canary takes place much earlier in their career, and is a welcome break from all of the crazy going on in the series. It takes place at an unpublicized birthday party gig, for one very special little girl.


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Batgirl Issue 47

Fangirls I’ve been behind on Just about everything recently, but I’m working to turn that around. It’s definitely tough to get back on track, but I’m getting there. Issue 47 of Batgirl is a bit of a doozy, so let’s hop right to it.


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Harley Quinn & Powergirl Issues 1-3

Fangirls, I haven’t been to comic shop in about a month, which really stinks. But it also means that I don’t have the most recent Harley Quinn issue to review for you, so today it’s being substituted with Harley Quinn and Powergirl issues 1-3. I’m going to a shop at the end of the week for a Pre SPX party, so I’ll be able to pick up the current stuff then, but until then we’re sticking with HQ & PG.


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