Music: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful // Florence + The Machine

florenceI, like many people out there, adore Florence + The Machine. I think they bring something so creative to pop music. Their arrangements slay, their song writing is spot on, and we’ve missed it all over the last four years. But mope no more, Fangirls, Florence has delivered a killer powerhouse of a new album. It’s all going to be okay. Read More »

Feminerd: “Little Lady School”

This week, Fangirls, Feminerd is turning to observe something more from my own life. However, I feel that it’s something that can most likely translate to the lives of many women in our world. Growing up, my incredible mother would teach me little life skills that she would file under something referred to as “Little Lady School”. This so called school’s curriculum consisted of skills that she was raised to believe made a proper lady and that she wanted to pass on to her own daughter. Though these were all very useful tools that I appreciate learning, it always bothered me that they were labeled as things that women must learn.

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Elektra #4

Well, Fangirls, issue #3 of Elektra left us with quite an ending. Bloody Lips and Elektra were fighting under water, and ended up in some dark world where they had to confront their past. I was convinced they were both already dead, and had moved on to another world. I was ready for this series to take an interesting turn into the after life. But this next issue definitely proved my predictions wrong.

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