31 Nights of Horror: Week 5

Like I mentioned last week, Fangirls, we knew we weren’t going to make it with the full 31 spooky nights, so we overhauled and watched multiple in one night, and we focused on classic shorts instead of full length movies. Our final count ended up being 25/31, which isn’t as terrible as I expected.


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31 Nights of Horror: Week 4

Guys, we are behind. Like, over 10 movies behind. We didn’t get through a ton this past week because I was sick so I was usually asleep by the time Rob got home, plus we had a busy weekend where we drove up to New York to grab some more of my stuff (like my desk and desktop which I’m finally using again). I’m exhausted but less sick this week, so hopefully we can end (mildly) strong, and get closer to the goal.

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31 Days of Spooky

Fangirls, I now live with a dude who is all about that Halloween life, and that means that Halloween starts at the end of this week. We’ll be doing Halloween all month long here, and I can not wait! One of the things this dude has done for quite some time, is watch a different Halloween / Spooky movie every day of October. It’s a great way to keep the fear alive and get ready for Halloween itself! So we’ve got some spooky updates that’ll be coming at’cha, and we’re very excited. We’re going to try to post little miniature reviews of what we watch, and once the list is finalized, we’ll both post it so you can follow along. We won’t be getting too spooky, because I am the world’s largest chicken, but there are some that I’m really excited for!

Follow along with me (@DoTheFangirl) and Rojo (@TheThirdRLM) for some spooky stuff! I’ll be trying out some simple Halloween DIY and treats next month as well, and I can’t wait to see how it goes!

The Martian by Andy Weir

One night a while back, I was trying to watch a video when an ad came on. We all know how annoying ads can be, and I was so happy when I saw a skip button. But then, the skip button went ignored. This ad, while being just over three minutes long, was a trailer for a movie I’d never heard of called¬†The Martian.¬†Like I said, I had that skip button, but within the first five seconds of the trailer, the time until that button works, I was sucked into the trailer. At the end, I discovered the movie was based on a book and I decided I had to read it.

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