Rolling Project Pan: Update 16

Things are still hectic in these parts, but I honestly don’t know when (or even if) that is going to change. So let’s roll right into this week’s updates!

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Julep January Box

This box seemed to come even earlier than the others, which surprised me. It had 2 nail polishes in it, along with a moisturizer. I was pretty excited about the grey nail polish, but the iridescent green didn’t do anything for me…once I found out that it was sheer. I also was not about the moisturizer at first, but that changed pretty quickly.


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FabFitFun’s Editor’s Box

Fangirls, I am in love with subscription boxes. It’s a dangerous obsession, but I’m not too concerned; I can totally stop whenever I want to, I just don’t want to right now. One that I had been lusting over for quite some time was the FbFitFun box. I wanted it, but it’s a rather expensive subscription, even though it’s only 4 times a year. But a couple things worked out; I wanted a scarf that was in it (and the scarf alone is about $35), and I got a coupon code that reduced the price pretty significantly. So I sat myself down and justified the heck out of this box.


I am so glad I tried this out. I was not expecting it to be as full as it was, but as you can see, it’s packed! There were so many things in there, and I was so anxious to try them all out. But I did something I usually don’t do first; I found the booklet that tells you how much the items in the box are worth and needed to sit the heck down because I spend around $50 on this box valued at about $260. That’s so much money for these things, and they’re all worth it!

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