Harley Quinn: Road Trip Special

Fangirls, I’ll always have a sweet spot in my heart for the Gotham City Sirens. I like the way they play off of each other, their goofiness, and how badass they are (both individually and together). So when I saw that there was a one-shot of their road trip, how could I refuse?!


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Catwoman 45

Now that Eiko’s father, the leader of the Hasigawas is dead, it’s up for her to take over before Sionis can snatch the leadership from her hands. In issue 45, she goes far above and beyond the need to show her allies and family that she can handle controlling the Hasigawas.


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Batwoman #37

Batwoman-37It’s been so long that it feels almost unnatural to say, but this issue wasn’t so bad, Fangirls. Surely, it wasn’t very good, but it was bearable. Unlike the last stretch that I couldn’t read fast enough. What makes this issue okay is that it clears up a lot of what has been awful and confusing about the last few issues. That whole space issue, just makes slightly more sense┬ánow.

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Batwoman #31


Oh Fangirls, there’s always just too many weeks in between our chats about my beloved Batwoman. But, it just makes it even better when the time comes. I’ve been on the edge of my seat a bit with all of these happenings with the Wolf Spider and these paintings. After duking it out a few times now, I think the battle between these two might finally be coming to a conclusion with this issue.

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Villain Chat: Mr. Freeze


Ice to see you, Fangirls! A creation of Bob Kane himself, Mr. Freeze is one of the many “joke” villains created to oppose Batman. He’s also one of my favorites. He’s not threatening, which is probably why people don’t really respect him or take him seriously. But I like his back story, probably because I’m a sucker for any sort of motive regarding love. I don’t care what people think about Mr. Freeze, I think he’s pretty cool.

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Batgirl Issues 20-22

Hey Fangirls! Last time we left off with Batgirl, she was dealing with some very difficult stuff; namely, her brother. He killed 2 Gotham police officers, had given Batgirl a concussion, and was ready to kill their mother. As a last ditch effort, she threw a batarang into his eye. He stumbled over a railing on the Gotham Bridge, and his body was not recovered. Assumed dead (and having seen it all) Commissioner Gordon called out for Batgirl’s arrest.


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