Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips

I did it. I fell for the charcoal craze. I know that it actually does help with acne; African Black Soap is one of my all time favorite products, but I also know that there’s only so much charcoal you can cram into one particular beauty item. But I bought myself pore strips regardless. I like the pore strips, even though I don’t use them super often. They’re a bit of a “treat yo’self” item; I usually have a box at home but only use them once or twice a month when the black heads are at their worst. 

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Deep Cleansing Nose Strips from Healthy Accents

Fangirls, I know we’ve discussed how much I enjoy peeling junk off of my face before.  I honestly don’t know how much it does or doesn’t help, but I friggin’ love it.  I live for that garbage.  During the summer I get really sweaty.  I know it’s kind of gross, but I perspire a lot.  It does some really bad things to my skin, especially where my glasses sit on the bridge of my nose.  One of my favorite ways to combat this is with pore strips.

Pore strips are these goofy little strips that you put on your slightly damp schnozz, wait 10-15 minutes, and peel off.  The goal is for the strip to dry and grab all the nasty gunk that’s hanging out in the pores in that area, and to pull it out as you pull off the strip.  They can be used on the middle of your forehead or across your nose.  I tend to buy the nose ones because like I said, my glasses are jerks.

Bioré is a company that kind of spearheaded the use of pore strips, but their pore strips are eight or more dollars.  For only 6 strips, I’m not into that price.  So I use the Healthy Accents brand, which is the store brand for Hanford stores around here.  Healthy Accents have pore strips for around six dollars for six strips, which is super livable, especially for all of you Fangirls on a budget.

I have bought the Bioré strips before, and they’re super comparable to Healthy Accents’.  They work just as well, so why not save the extra two dollars?  I use my nose strips once a week, so a box lasts me a month and a half.  I do it after my shower, because my face is already damp and warm (so my pores are open).  I make sure my face is relatively dry; you don’t want the water on your face to ruin the sticky bits on the strip, rendering it ineffective.  Leave it on until it’s hard like plate armor for your nose, then pull it off slowly.

It’s great stuff, Fangirls.  If you suffer from chronic blackheads on your nose, I really recommend pore strips; store brand or otherwise.  I find that they’re really helpful, plus they feel super goofy on!














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