Black Widow Issues 18 – 20

Fangirls, I’ve been dreading this day. I am not ready to part with yet another of my fantastic lady comics. I’m upset to the point of avoiding the comics until today. That’s why this didn’t happen last month; I wasn’t ready; but now I have no choice. So, here go the Last Days of Black Widow.


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Black Widow Issue 15

Fangirls, I’ve been freaking out over Black Widow since I first started picking up her comics. Mostly I’ve been freaking over how great it’s been, but now I’m losing it over Natasha’s safety. This issue did not end the way I was expecting it to, and now I’m genuinely worried about this awesome fictional lady that I’ve gotten attached to.


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Black Widow Issue 11

Fangirls, I’m super behind on Black Widow, and for a bit, it’s going to stay that way.  See, I thought Widow was in the subscription box I have at Earthworld, so it wasn’t one I looked for on the shelves.  I was wrong, and ended up buying the three issues I was missing, and then within two weeks, another was released.  For some reason I thought it was on hiatus (which is normally an Image thing), and just wasn’t super concerned with it.  Until I saw a cover, and didn’t recognize it.  But it’s all sorted now!


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