5Wits Puzzle Rooms

I live near Albany NY, and we just got a new area in one of our malls called 5Wits. I’d never heard of it before, but when they advertise things called “Drago’s Castle,” “Deep Space,” and “Tomb,” I knew it had to be interesting. And I was not wrong.


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Meal Planning

Today is the day, Fangirls. I’m currently on a train to New York Penn Station, where I will transfer to a train to Baltimore Penn Station, and become a permanent resident of the State of Maryland. I don’t like eating crabs (since I’m vegetarian), but I’m excited to taste what other fantastic foods the state has to offer. One of the things I have been looking forward to for months is meal planning.

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Nerds Gotta Eat: Favorite Restaurants of the New York Capital Region

1171388So, Fangirls, for the past few weeks my kitchen has been being remodeled. It started with my faucet breaking, but then all of a sudden we were getting new cabinets, counter top, and the whole nine yards. With the kitchen officially dubbed as “closed” by my mother, being able making food at home is on hold. So, I figured now is the best time to show you some of my favorite restaurants that the Capital District has to offer!Read More »

Feminerd: “Yes Means Yes” Legislation

sourcefed--3259--yes-means-yes-law-redefines-rape--large.thumbNew York is doing a pretty neat thing, Fangirls. The rules & regulations that New York enacts aren’t always the best, but this time, I couldn’t agree more. A few months ago, New York adopted a law requiring consent for any & all sexual activity on the campuses of it’s 64 State University of New York (SUNY) schools. Now, that law is being positively reformed, and spreading to all New York college, both public & private.

WARNING: This article may contain trigger warnings for sexual abuse. 

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We Can Fix It! by Jess Fink

I’ve mentioned a couple times that the amazing comic shop I go to, Earthworld, hosts a Fangirls Night Out once every couple of months.  January 9th was the most recent one, and Jess Fink was there, to share her wares and tales of Fangirling.  I bought a couple things from her that night, the 2014 edition of Smut Peddler and her time travel memoir, We Can Fix It!  Both are phenomenal, but I’d like to concentrate on We Can Fix It! right now.


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