Lushmas 2017 Part 1

Fangirls, we’re coming up on the most wonderful time of the year; when Lush releases their holiday products! I know we just got through the Lushoween Haul, but since I got to go to the Creative Showcase where all of this stuff was released, I had to share my buys with you!

Before we get too deep into this, I need to let all of you know that Part 2 will not be coming out next week, as I’ve got to give my skin some detox time. I’m hoping to get that out to you the following week, but most of the products are here for now!

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Once Upon a Time: “Lily”

image161So this episode delved once again, into Emma’s past and her best and only friend Lily growing up. As we learned recently, Lily is the daughter of Maleficent, sent to our world with Cruella and Ursula after being doomed to be dark with the ritual Snow and Charming asked the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to perform.Read More »

Peter & Max by Bill Willingham

Hey Fangirls! The other day my lovely friend Shannon leant me this book, Peter & Max, by Bill Willingham, to read, and I’m very grateful that she did. If you’re at all familiar with Bill Willingham’s Fables stories, you know that they’re about what we think of as fairy tale creatures, but they’re actually from another land and another time. This book is not a comic, like Fables, but a written story about two Pipers, Max and Peter.


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Once Upon a Time

InfoboxPlainTitleSo, I am sort of late on this bandwagon, but I finally sat down and gave Once Upon a Time a chance on Netflix. I am a little upset with myself that I waited this long. I love everything about this show. It gives you the right amount of feels a weaves a mission in there, with a new take on some of the classic fairy tale stories we all know and love.Read More »