Worn Stories by Emily Spivack

Fangirls, awhile back, when I visited Vermont, we went into a rather small bookshop. I have a difficult time not buying books when I’m surrounded by them, so I found one that was rather small, and nabbed it to travel with. Most of my bus ride was filled with naps and snacks, so reading took a bit of a back seat. But a couple weeks ago I took time out from stressing to finish up Worn Stories, and became incredibly grateful that I got it.

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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Part 1

Orange-is-the-New-Black-Season-3-PosterBoy, oh, boy, Fangirls. I, like many crazed fans, have been waiting for what feels like an eternity for OITNB’s third season to grace Netflix. Our time has finally come. And it’s been worth the wait. Though I have already finished this season, I figured I would break it up into two halves so that we don’t get too worked up. This season certainly takes the crown for stirring up all things hot & bothered.

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Villain Chat: Litchfield Prison

I thought that with this past week bringing the return of Orange Is The New Black to our lives, it would be a lovely time to switch around Villain Chat a bit. Rather than focusing on a person or people, OITNB gives us a great opportunity to shine the bad guy light on a place: Litchfield Prison. Litchfield is the prison in which OITNB takes place, and it gives me many, many reasons for my head to burst into flames in anger & frustration. Though this place is fictional, I think it gives a healthy dose of reality when it comes to the prison system of the United States.

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Nerds Gotta Eat: Orange is the New Black’s Prison Cheesecake

Fangirls! As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been reading (listening, devouring), to the wonderful book Orange is the New Black. The book is a beautiful memoir of a woman’s year in a prison, that many of you might know from the excellent Netflix series. In the book, she talks of many innovations they create in prison, including some impressive recipes. I decided to test one out!

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Appdicted: Audible

Greetings, Fangirls! I’ve wanted to find a place here to talk about Audible because its such a fantastic thing, and seeing as it man works through an app, here we are. I love books, Fangirls. But, I’m a very slow reader, who has a lot of other things going on in life. Both of those things make it very hard for me to be able to regularly enjoy books. Enter the wonder of audio books. Audio books are perfect for me, and Audible is the perfect way to experience & manage them.

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