Lava Lamp Bath Bomb by Lush

Oh man, I’m back at the Lush stuff. I’ve honestly been struggling not to purchase things from Lush because I have such a ridiculous amount of beauty products, but I grabbed this as part of my post 5k reward a month or so ago. It was the only thing I picked up that day, and I’m quite proud of that, because there is a Lush far closer to where I will be living in Maryland, and I’m looking forward to frequenting it once I’ve made it through the products I have now.


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Homeworld Gem Cupcakes

Sure, the Crystal Gems will always save the day, but they’d be super bored if it weren’t for the Homeworld Gems making things more difficult, right? I chose my three favorite Homeworld Gems; Jasper, Peridot, and Yellow Diamond and decided there would be nothing better than cupcakes devoted to them. I know Peridot is technically a Crystal Gem now, but whatever. She’s always going to be a troublemaker in my mind, so it’s all good.


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Appdicted: Pac-Man


Fangirls, I love Pac-Man. I have since I was a little one. I used to sit an play Ms. Pac-Man on our Super Nintendo for hours. So, when I discovered that there was an app out there of the classic arcade game, I was elated. Though, it’s not the same as doing it at the arcade, this app is just as fun, and I’m glad that game is progressing with time & technology.

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