Bullet Journal DIY

The other day at work, I told a coworker of mine not to forget her sketchbook. She thanked me, but told me that it wasn’t a sketchbook, it was a bullet journal. My look of confusion was met with an “oh you’re gunna love this!” as she opened hers up.


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Appdicted: Pokémon Bank

Fangirls, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, my newfound love of Pokémon knows no bounds. It’s a bizarre and beautiful game, and I love it a stupid amount. I’ve been playing Pokémon for less than a year, but a couple months ago I decided to embark on a new level of Pokétrash; I was going to literally catch ’em all. I want, more than anything, to have a complete living Pokédex. Having a living ‘dex is neat, because it means you can help other people when they’re looking for specific Pokémon, and you can complete your in-game Pokédexes. It’s a ton of work, but I wouldn’t be able to do it without the Pokémon Bank.


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Appdicted: Studious

IMG_4781I’m going back to school, Fangirls. I graduated high school with no desire to go to college, but still attempted to because that’s what I was “supposed to do”. I quickly left without even finishing one semester, and have spent the last three years working. Now, after finding a direction in my life, I’ve decided to give it the ol’ college try. Hah. But of course, I need some help getting back into the groove of class, exams, and homework. That’s where the Studious app comes in. Read More »

Feminerd: Women On 20s

3043405-poster-p-1-the-campaign-to-replace-jackson-with-a-woman-on-the-20-billThe appearance of our currency may not be something that weighs heavily on your mind much. Or consciously, at least. A revolutionary new campaign is bringing to light all that our money does to our society, other than pay for stuff & cause problems. With the exception of one specific type of coin, there are no women present on any United States currency. When those designs are supposed to represent the history, culture, and values of America, doesn’t something seem a bit wrong?

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