Let’s Talk About: S/M & Powerplay

Fangirls, though maybe it seems odd, I like to talk about topics that seem to scare people a bit. Topics surrounding sexuality that make people kind of nervous are one of the reasons I love having sexually educating articles & conversations. I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable about this stuff. I’ve found that S/M is something that gets people a little on edge. But it really doesn’t need to be so frightening of a thing. It’s just another type of sex act like anything else. It just gets very misunderstood. People view it as aggressive, something only people with a type of perversion or mental instability par take in. However, once more understood, more people realize they enjoy all sorts of power play involved in their sex.

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Let’s Talk About: Sex & Disability

Fangirls! For a long time, I’ve wanted to chat on this topic. It’s one that needs a whole lot more attention in our world. The sexuality of people living with disabilities is damn near ignored in our society, and that’s just not cool. Sexuality when disability is in the mix is surely different, but it’s really just another way that sexuality is specific to each person, just as injury & illness are going to be specific to each person. Sex is a highly beneficial thing that people with disabilities don’t need to view as another obstacle in their lives.

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