Movie: Maleficent


Sigh. I had such high hopes for this movie, Fangirls, and I really should have known better. When I go into movies that are remakes or sequels, I always try to tell myself that this isn’t that movie. I told myself that Maleficent was not going to be Sleeping Beauty. But, I wasn’t expecting that they would change around the entire story as we know it. When it comes to a story I really love, I have no option but to be critical. Frankly, this movie was a huge disappointment.

Major spoilers ahead! 

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Eleanor & Park

Hey readers! I know I’ve been reading a lot of Rick Riordan lately, so I’m taking a break between his series to read some other books on my list of intriguing books. This week I’m really excited about a book I read by Rainbow Rowell.



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