Bandette Volume Two: Stealers Keepers!

Fangirls, ages ago I bought Bandette Volume One from Earthworld comics per the suggestion from Andrew.  I loved it.  Honestly, it was one of those part ones that I didn’t think it was possible to match with a sequel.  But the other day I went to Earthworld for my haul, and found that Volume Two of Bandette was out, so I needed to get it.


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Bandette Volume One: Presto

Honestly, Fangirls, I hope all of the workers in comic shops that you go to are as lovely as the folks that we see in ours. They know us like the back of their hands. I bring this up because one of the gents who always knows what to recommend is the one who repeatedly suggested that I read Bandette, and I’m very glad that he did.


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