Thinx Period Panties

Fangirls, I never saw myself as buying period panties that I considered “fancy.” Period undies have always been undies that it isn’t a big deal if they get bled on, because even with pads and tampons, it’s a possibility. But at the end of December I said to myself that since I’m trying to do better for myself this year, I may as well try doing something better for the environment too, and I ordered myself a pair of Thinx.


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Appdicted: Airbnb

airbnb-new-logo-belo-feeldesain6I’ll be honest, I found this app and knew that it was an amazing tool. Though I haven’t really used it for it’s true purpose yet, I adore it. I have more fun on it than what is probably intended for it’s users, but whatever. I’m having a blast. Travel is a wonderful thing, Fangirls, and when you’re much to broke to afford it, you can live vicariously through this app. When you can afford it, it’s a perfect resource. Read More »

Let’s Talk About: First Time Myths

There is a lot of hubbub surrounding the first time you have sex. Rumors of what will happen, possible side effects, the agonizing pleasure. Most of it, though, is completely false. It’s best to go into your first time totally aware of what is going to happen. However, that seems damn near impossible to do when all you hear are countless exaggerated, untrue tales & facts about The First Time. Read More »

Let’s Talk About: Experiences with High School Sex Education

It has seemed to me that good high school sex education is damn near impossible to come by. I’ve talked before about the lack of solid curriculum presented in the US, but I wanted to see if it really was as bad as it appears to be. So, I rallied some great people together and had them spill the beans about the ways of their high school health classes. Unfortunately, I was entirely correct in thinking there’s gaps when it comes to educating on sex & sexuality.

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Sonic Highways

I don’t watch a lot of television, Fangirls. There’s not a lot of shows that are up my alley. However, there’s this beautiful thing called Sonic Highways, and I’m pretty darn obsessed with it. I know it’s not an artist, but this show is so good, and gives you so much information on music & musicians, that it was only right to talk about it today.

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Let’s Talk About: Kids & Sex Education

Fangirls, this week’s sex chat may be a little more thought & opinion focused than fact. Of course, there will be a lot of solid information, but it’s hard to discuss the facts on a topic that’s still got a lot to figure out. I feel pretty passionately about sex education in schools and it needing to be more thorough. However, just as the country & the system are, I’m still figuring out exactly how that should be done.

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