Life After the Disney College Program

Fangirls, I’ve been thinking a lot about my time in the Disney College Program recently.  I’ve been thinking about both times, and the different experiences I had at both.  Part of the reason I’ve been thinking about Disney so much is my Ohana is planning a reunion trip down to Florida to Walt Disney World because it’s been about 2 years since we’ve been together as a group.  Thinking about Disney usually makes me pretty sad, but recently I realized that I’m so grateful that things didn’t go as planned on my second program.


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Disney College Program Part 23

Hey Disnerds, I’m really sorry that I only posted once about the DCP last week. I ended up having a much more difficult weekend than I expected. Last Saturday I almost went to the hospital for heat exhaustion. The same thing happened yesterday. Twice in less than seven days, I had ambulances called for me. I don’t know why I’m reacting so adversely to the heat, but it really seems like everything is going wrong.

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