Music: The Deslondes

534325_1414846662067208_1098466170_nKeeping up with the theme of Leon Bridges, I decided to give y’all another fantastic band making some seriously delicious vintage music. The music of the Deslondes mashes together the sounds of more than one classic genre, making there own bluegrassy, bluesy, some sometimes surfy, alternative country sound that I’ve fallen hard for. Read More »

Movie: Whiplash

whiplash-posterAfter not hearing about it until the Oscars, I picked up Whiplash while at the store the other night. Of all the best picture nominees, this one caught my attention the most. I didn’t really know what to expect from it, but it seemed like a promising film. Holy fucking cow, Fangirls. This movie was a spectacle of intensity and unexpected amazement. It seriously left me completely speechless.

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Ms. Marvel #6


Fangirls, I’m in love with these series. I think it’s safe to say of all the books I’m reading at the moment, it’s by far my favorite series. And this issue has been my favorite of the series thus far, which I think is what I’ve said about every newest issue as they’ve come out. But seriously. This issue is fucking fantastic. It’s excited, it’s hilarious, it’s all so grasping. I adore this comic’s ability to balance Kamala’s action &  introspection with humor & wit. I could read it all damn day.

Look out for them spoilers, Fangirls! They’re all over this article.

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Music: Kiesza


Holy cow, Fangirls. I get pretty picky about the more electronic or dance music that I like, but with Kiesza, I needed no convincing. This is one bad ass & incredible talent of a woman. Kiesza was classically trained in ballet, a trained code breaker in the Royal Canadian Army, and competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant before she stumbled into brilliantly making music that makes us all dance like fools. This chick can do it all, but she especially makes incredible jams.

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She Hulk #5


Fangirls! I’ve happily returned to my coverage of the wonder full She Hulk Marvel Now series. Though, I’m very glad that Emily got the chance to express the love she’s got for this series. Because there’s a whole lot of love, Fangirls. We’re really enjoying this series, and it just keeps getting better & better. Where Emily left off, Jennifer Walters had discovered a blue file case in which she was listed as a defendant, but, she had no recollection of the case. Curious, curious stuff.

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