The Flash: “The Sound and the Fury”

maxresdefaultSO, this episode was a doozy for one fact and one fact only and that is the fact that there is now a lot of evidence to suggest that Dr. Harrison Wells will become the Reverse Flash considering time travel. I am not 100% convinced keeping in mind Eddie’s name being remarkably similar to Eobard Thawne, the original Reverse Flash.Read More »

The Flash: “Revenge of the Rouges”

VfK0Wj6The Flash is back!! Took him long enough *pause for uncomfortable chuckles* This episode saw the return of Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold and his (for now) only partner, Mick Rory, aka Heatwave! He has a gun that rivals Captain Cold’s in the fact that it puts out heat that is some scientific term for maximum heat that can be achieved.Read More »

Peter & Max by Bill Willingham

Hey Fangirls! The other day my lovely friend Shannon leant me this book, Peter & Max, by Bill Willingham, to read, and I’m very grateful that she did. If you’re at all familiar with Bill Willingham’s Fables stories, you know that they’re about what we think of as fairy tale creatures, but they’re actually from another land and another time. This book is not a comic, like Fables, but a written story about two Pipers, Max and Peter.


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