Fangirl Fashions: The Lantern Girl Shop

Fangirls, I love pins. They’re the least expensive way to express yourself on a daily basis. You don’t have to worry about buying exclusively fandom based clothing, or the impact wearing aforementioned fandom based clothing at your job. Pins are relatively inexpensive, and come in a huge range of designs; creators all over the world are designing their own unique pins, and one of my new favorites is The Lantern Girl Shop.


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I know that journals usually happen on Fridays, but this past Friday was my birthday. I struggle pretty hard with birthdays; I tend to not feel like I’ve accomplished as much as others my age, and that gives me a lot of anxiety. I have had birthdays where I couldn’t leave my room because I was so overwhelmed. It seems like my worst birthdays are milestone birthdays, and luckily 24 isn’t that much of a milestone (unlike 16, where you’re *supposed to* get your permit, or 18 where you’re legal, or even 21 when you can purchase and consume alcohol). I did pretty okay for most of Friday, and I think it’s because I’m very lucky to have kind and understanding people in my life.


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DIY: Corkboard Blocks

image7Sometimes you have a bunch of scraps that can happily come together to create real DIY goodness. I had a bunch of left over scrap wood, but nothing big enough to really make anything. I also had a bunch of sheets of cork board laying that I had used for another project ages ago. One good brainstorm later, the two came easily together to make a pretty nifty and helpful thing.

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DIY: Fangirl Scout Shirt

Fangirls! This weekend, while perusing around a few thrift stores in town, I had a vision. Last weekend at Boston Comic Con, I stopped by the table of the lovely Kate Leth. I admire her & her work a whole lot, and picked up a few things at her booth, including a kick ass “Lethbian” patch. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to put it on. First, I thought I’d make a cool guy jean jacket. Then, an even better thought came to mind. Using this patch and a few others I had around, I was going to make my very own Fangirl scout shirt.

image_5 (2)

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