Heart of Iron by Ashley Posten

Alright Fangirls, you know that I love me some retellings. Heart of Iron is no exception. Written by Ashley Posten (of Geekerella), this is the first of (at least) two books. It was a gripping read, and we’re going to get right into it.

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Lost Boy by Christina Henry

I bought this book for a couple, specific reasons. First of all, I love the story of Peter Pan. The idea of an island where you can be carefree and young always is incredible. Second, I love reimaginings. I loved Gregory Maguire’s books, I’ve enjoyed Disney’s villain books, they’re all interesting. So I grabbed Lost Boy, the story of Captain Hook.

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On Torrenting

To be blatant, I hate it. My father used to (? probably still does) torrent music and movies so we could watch them at our house, and he refused to stop, even when they threatened to shut off our internet because he was voiding the agreement plan. It’s foolish and irritating, plus it uses up all of the bandwidth, fools.


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