Playlist: Spring Fever

Spring is one of my favorite things ever, Fangirls. So, because it is best paired with great tunes, and because I want it to be here so badly, I thought a playlist should be in order. I’m hoping that all of these fantastic springy jams will welcome it right in and it can be here in no time. What exactly makes a song a “springy jam”? Oh boy, allow me to let you in on this, friends.

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Playlist: Classically Trained

Nope, this isn’t a playlist of classical music. Though, that genre should also be appreciated. This is a collection tracing back to where my Fangirl roots really began; With classic rock. I spent elementary & middle school in the grips of an obsession with rock music of the 60s  & 70s. So many of these bands have played a giant part in contemporary music, which is why I thought it was important to compile a group of what I think are some of the most essential rock songs of the day. Let your hair down, Fangirls. Read More »

Music: Road Trip Playlist

Fangirls, I love, love, love driving. So of course, I adore road trips. I enjoy traveling a great deal, and I think there’s no better way to do it than by car. And, there’s no better way to road trip than with an arsenal of good tunes. To me, it’s essential. Road trip playlists are my favorite kind to make and listen to. You can pack them full of great jams, your favorite songs, and passionate sing a longs. For me, making them is almost just as fun as listening to them on the road.

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Music: August / September Jams Playlist

Fangirls! At the end of one month, as the next is beginning, I like to make a playlist of all the music I’ve discovered and been most into over the last month. It makes things easier and more enjoyable, because I can easily access the stuff I want to be listening to, and rock out to it all all at once. Plus, I really enjoy making playlists. It occurred to me that I’ve never shared one of these playlists with you guys, and I figured that now is as good of a time as any. Especially because I feel like my playlist for August & September s pretty damn good one.

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Music: Smooch Tunes Playlist

When I was early in my high school career, Fangirls, my best friend & I had a vision. As total music nerds, we often dreamed of ultimate playlists for every situation, and still do. We would go on road trips and make calculated playlists that would play down to the minutes of the drive. So, it was only right that we had been thinking up a playlist designed for some hot heavy petting make out sessions. There in our 15 year old brains, Smooch Tunes was born.

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