Egghead by Bo Burnham

Fangirls, I’ve been wanting Egghead since I first heard that Burnham was releasing a book. But it fell to the wayside as I didn’t see it in Target, and that’s the most accessible place to buy books around here. But the other day I finally went to a Barnes & Noble again, and grabbed Egghead (along with Watsky’s How To Ruin Everything), and I could not wait to read it. So on the car ride back I started flipping through the poems and I couldn’t get enough.


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Let’s Talk About Sex: Erotica

This week, Fangirls, we’re talking about the power of words. It amazes me how much words can move us, and arouse us. This stuff has surely been happening well before fan fiction and 50 Shades of this or that. Read a few well detailed sexy sentences and things are ┬ásure to get surprisingly steamy. Read More »