How to Ruin Everything: Essays by George Watsky

Fangirls, I love Watsky. I love his rap, his music, and his poetry. I think he speaks wonderfully and I’ve been to two of his concerts; one of which I cried after and the other I cried during.


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Egghead by Bo Burnham

Fangirls, I’ve been wanting Egghead since I first heard that Burnham was releasing a book. But it fell to the wayside as I didn’t see it in Target, and that’s the most accessible place to buy books around here. But the other day I finally went to a Barnes & Noble again, and grabbed Egghead (along with Watsky’s How To Ruin Everything), and I could not wait to read it. So on the car ride back I started flipping through the poems and I couldn’t get enough.


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