Movie: Beginners


Scrolling around Netflix can do the heart some good, Fangirls. I love choosing random movies or shoes to watch, things I’ve never heard of. I went to do this one day this past weekend, and accidentally ended up at a movie I had wanted to see, I just didn’t know what it was. I had heard about Beginners, though I hadn’t remembered the name, and after initially choosing the movie, was delighted that “Oh! This is that movie!” However, this was more than “that movie”, Fangirls. This was an incredibly directed and creative film that had me feeling all sorts of feelings.

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Music: The National

I don’t know about you, Fangirls, but sometime obsession doesn’t come right away for me. I find something, and I really like it, but for whatever reason, I’m not completely enthralled just yet. Maybe it’s my state of mind at the time, or whats happening in my life, but something just doesn’t leech me onto it just yet. Then, however long later, whether it be days or years, something clicks and I find myself happily surrounded, consumed, by this thing. This week, that happens to be the music of The National.

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Feminerd: Beyonce’s VMA Performance

I have to talk about it, Fangirls. I’m sure it’s already been every where on your feeds & dashboards, and I’m happy to add another appearance. Say what you will about it, dissect it however you will, but I personally am ecstatic with BeyoncĂ©’s performance at the VMAs. Especially those 20 or so seconds when she, on blast & in bold, puts an incredibly important message out there for everyone to hear loud & clear.
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Let’s Talk About: The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex


Fangirls. This book is hands down one of the absolute best sex books out there. A good friend of mine lent it to me about two weeks ago, and it has wonderfully consumed me. It’s so beyond being just a sexuality text book. It’s a guide, a reference, and all around just fun to read. It’s realistic, informative, and positive. Its easily one of the best books ever to have come my way.

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Poor, Poor, Angsty Hungarian by B. Swardlick

photo 4 (4)

Fangirls! No, this isn’t an article about my life. Though with that title, it certainly could be. Nope, this is an article about an excellently hilarious comic that I picked up while at Boston Comic Con last week! I stopped by an awesome table with a lovely & nice woman, where after looking around her grand selection of books, landed on this one. I couldn’t resist the title. Turns out, the book is also fantastic. My only regret is not buying the second part.

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Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley



Hey there, Fangirls! As a huge fan of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s work, I was ecstatic about his newest release. And even more so after I read it. The Scott Pilgrim series was the first comic series I read, and some of the first comics I had read in general. His graphic novel Lost At Sea quickly became a favorite book of mine. O’Malley’s ability to match witty humor with meaningful insight captivates me. Seconds is a masterpiece & a new essential piece of O’Malley’s incredible line up.

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She Hulk #5


Fangirls! I’ve happily returned to my coverage of the wonder full She Hulk Marvel Now series. Though, I’m very glad that Emily got the chance to express the love she’s got for this series. Because there’s a whole lot of love, Fangirls. We’re really enjoying this series, and it just keeps getting better & better. Where Emily left off, Jennifer Walters had discovered a blue file case in which she was listed as a defendant, but, she had no recollection of the case. Curious, curious stuff.

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