Gotham Academy

Holy sheiiit, Fangirls.  It’s only two issues in, but I’m in love with Gotham Academy.


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Ms. Marvel #5


Fangirls! This comic is just getting better & better & better & better. With every issue that comes out, I’m more pulled in and find myself rooting harder & harder for Kamala Khan. I didn’t think I could be such a huge fan of a 16 year old girl, but hand me a foam finger, Fangirls. Ms. Marvel is discovering herself & her powers and trying to balance being 16 and being a shape shifter and kicking so much butt in the process. Issue #5 brings us inspiration, robotic cats, and super snot.

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Villain Chat: Mr. Freeze


Ice to see you, Fangirls! A creation of Bob Kane himself, Mr. Freeze is one of the many “joke” villains created to oppose Batman. He’s also one of my favorites. He’s not threatening, which is probably why people don’t really respect him or take him seriously. But I like his back story, probably because I’m a sucker for any sort of motive regarding love. I don’t care what people think about Mr. Freeze, I think he’s pretty cool.

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inFAMOUS: Second Son

infamous_second_son___up_power_by_legan666-d6awg52So, I understand that this game came out a month or two ago now, but I really enjoyed it. It’s something even a newbie to the series can enjoy, and I think that was their intent here. There are some latent references to the specifics of the previos two games but nothing that will hinder the understanding of the story.Read More »