Let’s Talk About: Dry Humping

There’s a lot of taboo and humor around dry humping. People think of it as a beginners action, something only for people refraining from premarital sex, or just something of myth that only happens in jokes. Well, though some of those things are true, it doesn’t have to stop there. Dry humping is very much a real thing that can happen in all stages of a relationship, for many reasons, and with a whole lot of pleasure.  Read More »

Appdicted: Clue

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Keeping track of your body and health is pretty darn important, Fangirls. Luckily, for those of us who find it hard to do so or are just a little flaky, there’s the wonder of technology. Clue is an amazing app that I’ve just discovered, that helps you track your period, it’s symptoms, and your fertility and ovulation. It’s useful, well designed, and a brilliant tool for those who deal with the lovely menstrual cycle. Read More »