On: 2016 Election Candidates

2016-generic-vote-buttonsSo, Fangirls, being part of a generation that will most likely be very affected by the actions of our next president, I’m paying attention. The ball is really starting to get rolling with the 2016 election and by that I mean the candidates are rolling. Rolling in outrageous numbers, coming out of the wood work, announcing campaigns right & left. Everyone slow downRead More »


Feminerd: Hillary’s Feminist Focus

dlGtWstI spoke before about the excitement surrounding Hillary Clinton’s campaign, back before she had officially announced her candidacy. Now she’s officially her to battle it out. Whether you support her or not, it’s still pretty damn awesome that a woman running for president has so much attention and potential to win. What’s more awesome, is that she seems to be going in the right direction.

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Feminerd: Women On 20s

3043405-poster-p-1-the-campaign-to-replace-jackson-with-a-woman-on-the-20-billThe appearance of our currency may not be something that weighs heavily on your mind much. Or consciously, at least. A revolutionary new campaign is bringing to light all that our money does to our society, other than pay for stuff & cause problems. With the exception of one specific type of coin, there are no women present on any United States currency. When those designs are supposed to represent the history, culture, and values of America, doesn’t something seem a bit wrong?

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Watch: Scandal

scandalSo, I’m a little late to this party, but sure am glad I came. After having countless people recommend the show to me for quite some time, I finally decided to sit down and watch Scandal this past weekend. Holy cow, is this a quality television show. I’m now addicted, in love with Olivia Pope, and have lost all hopes of productivity until I finish every episode.

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