Princess Talk #14



Lilo is the main character in Lilo and Stitch.  She isn’t a princess, nor is she really a heroine, but she’s a strong female character, and I like that.

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Princess Talk #10: Vanellope Von Schweetz


Vanellope is from Wreck-It Ralph, a movie that came out recently from Disney and I really like it because it’s about video games. It is based in an arcade where all games are connected through Game Central Station. Ralph is the bad guy in his game, but Vanellope shows him that even bad guys can be good. Vanellope is not considered a normal princess in the line up, which is too bad because she is one. Vanellope has a lot more spunk than many of the female Disney characters. People say that she is a “glitch”, but really she just has pixlexia.

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