Movie: Sleeping Beauty


Fangirls, it finally happened. After waiting pretty much my entire life, I was finally able to get a hold on a copy of Sleeping Beauty. Emily, who had been highly anticipating my watching of the film, sat down & watched with me. And oh my goodness it was fantastic.

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(Dis)Nerds Gotta Eat: Princess Tiana’s Vegetarian Swamp Gumbo

Hey hungry Disnerds!  We’ve decided that instead of just doing boring regular recipes, they’re actually going to based off of the great things that our Fandoms revolve around.  For example, this week I made some Gumbo, like Tiana does in Princess and the Frog.  Her mother gives her her dead father’s gumbo pot so she can start her own restaurant.  But before she gets the chance, she turns into a frog, and is on quite the adventure.  Late at night, she, Naveen (as a frog), and Louis, the gator sit down for some swamp gumbo.  I didn’t have a pumpkin to cook it in, but I think it still turned out pretty tasty!

photo 5

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Frozen Review

So, Fangirls, as you may know, Emily & I went to see Frozen when it came out on Wednesday. I wasn’t expecting too much. I really thought I was going to hate it until I had read more about the story and put the silly snowman out of my mind. I have to say that I was blown away. This movie was tremendously better than I thought it would be, and the music was fantastic. To my surprise, I adore Frozen, Fangirls.


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