The Stanford Prison Experiment

Fangirls, a large part of psychology classes are learning about past experiments along with their strengths and weaknesses. One experiment that did not go as planned, was the Stanford Prison Experiment. An experiment on the abuse of power, the Stanford Prison Experiment showed how quickly people could go from street clothes to abusive guards. A movie was made, last year, bringing this 1971 experiment back into the limelight.


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Eastern Psychological Association Annual Conference

Market Street exterior_eveningSo, this is a little bit different in terms of nerdiness in the fact that it is specifically for Psychology nerds.The Eastern Psychological Association holds an annual conference in an east coast city every year, and this year is was held in Philadelphia!Read More »

Let’s Talk About Sex: Fetishes

WARNING: This contains mature content possibly considered graphic or unsuitable for some, please read with caution.

Fangirls! Here we are again for another dose of sex education! Earlier, something peaked my interest in fetishes and I thought it would be a nice discussion to start. It seemed like kind of an overwhelming topic to take on, but I figured we’d scratch the surface and get to learning about the world of fetishes.

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